Soul of Fire

The begining

It is the year 3487 of the 4th Sun. 105 years since the First Exodus from Atlantis. An Atlantean expeditionary force, under the command of Admiral General Peritinax has transited the now complete Grand western Canal and into the unexplored Western Ocean. Following rumours of Atlantean survivors of the first expedition his fleet has arrived at the town of Wytaul which was indeed peopled by descendent from the first expedition. First contact did not go well and now the situation teeters on the brink of open war.

On one side stands the leaders of the Expedition Atlanteanexpedition.jpg
Admiral General Peritinax,Caul, the Priest of the Moon and the Battlewizard Angharad each convinced now that war is the only solution to the Wytaul problem.

On the other side stand the Defenders of Wytaul

The Daea Lord Ytrigain,Mayor Peggon of Wytaul see no recourse but to take up arms against the Atlanteans and they are supported by Scourge and her raider fleet and Donar the mighty Titan.

Into this mix have come strangers, strangers with a goal of peace.

Bringers of Peace

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