Dragon hunting Titan


Stoic 30ft tall Titan warrior


Donar is a stoic, 40-ft.-tall titan who stands menacingly among the fae’s front
ranks. Though most titans do not typically involve themselves in the affairs of lesser races and have long since let their grudge with dragons fade, Donar is one of a few holdovers who still believes that killing a dragon is the only true test of a titan’s valor. Donar travels
among the smaller races in the hopes of flushing out draconic foes; in this instance, he was informed that a brood of dragons had joined the Atlanteans and plans tospring from hiding when the battle is joined. Thus, he joined the opposing side in hopes of encouraging them
to come forth. If not for the opportunity to battle a dragon, Donar would be happy to walk away from the conflict.
He remains silent through the negotiations.


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