Nigel Nagabourn


Background: London Water Tester

Sire: Naga


Fire Earth Water Air
4 4 4 4

Karma: 22

Edges Power
Name Rank Name Rank Name Rank Name Rank
Forceful will 1 0 Group Mind 1 0
Arsenal 1 0 Ferocity 2 0
network (criminal underworld) 1 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
Knowledge: Science 4 Knowledge: London under ways 4 Knowledge:Business 2 Knowledge:Street 4
Athletics 2 Melee 2 Stamina 0 Quickness 0
Casting 0 Craft 0 Craft: 0 Craft 0
Interaction 0 Ka 0 Medicine 0 research 4
Sense 2 Stealth 2 Specialty Tech:engineering 4 Trickery 2
Will 4 Ranged 2 Travel 2

Fighting Styles


Spell Casting

Ranks in Casting Edge:

Spell Name Spell ranks Known casting options Pg reference
Wound Chart
-W No effect
W+ Minor Wound
2W+ -1
3W+ -2
4W+ -3
5W+ -4
6W+ -5
7w+ -6 Incapacitated
8W+ -7* Dying
9W+ -8* Dead
Minor Wounds capacity: Earth

Current 0

session Heritage Humanity spent current total
Session1 1 1 0 1\1
session2 0 1 0 1\2
Session3 0 1 0\1 1\2
Session4 1 0 0 2\2
Session5 3 1 0 5/3
Session6 0 0 3\0 2\3

Awakening tracker

Heritage 0.3
Humanity 0.1
Hoard 0

Nigel’s past

Nigel is a born and raised Londoner. He started out life in a rough council estate, the estate was run by a single family who ran the estate like the Cray’s once ruled over London. Nigel’s early years were eventful to say the least. At school he was an outcast, the other kids avoided him by request of their parents. Not understanding why the young Nigel retreated into himself spending most of his days in school with his nose in a book, a habit that persisted right through secondary school. Because of this he always achieved good grades, he found science, especially chemistry, to be particularly enlightening. Outside of school he spent a lot of time hanging out at his with his cousins, they taught him the rudiments of the criminal world. Later in life Nigel left the estate of his youth and moved away to attend university. At uni he at last got away from the shadow of his family and began to make friends who were not from the criminal underworld. For once he saw what life was like on the right side of the law. After leaving uni he decided to try and live a legitimate life style, that does not mean he entirely turned his back on his criminal roots. Still tipping them off from time to time, even buying and selling materials that are not entirely legal.

Nigel Nagabourn

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