Peggon of Wytaul

Mayor of Wytaul


Mayor of Wytaul and High Priest of the Moon Goddess. He is a close friend of Ytrigain Charismatic and trusted by his people.

Peggon is a 30-year-old, brownhaired man of Atlantean descent. He is the mortal leader
of Wytaul’s humans and is intelligent and charismatic.
For the past several years he has been attempting to raise Wytaul’s, and consequently his own, status among the fae, and does not appreciate Atlantis’s attempt to wrest
control of his people away from him. Peggon, and through him all of Wytaul, reveres a goddess called Gilleth—a moon deity probably inspired by his grandfather’s
Atlantean roots.

Peggon of Wytaul

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