The Howling Mob

Fire Earth Water Air
4 3 3 2

Karma: 2

Edges Power
Name Rank Name Rank
Brutal 1 Ferocity 1
Resilient 1 0

Fighting Style : Ferocious Insanity

Stance F7/W3/A1/E1

Favourite Sequences

Big smack Power + club Pay-off: Damage +5 + Push 1

Pound and smash Club +fist+Press Pay-off : Damage +5

Swinging Charge Dash + Power + club Payoff : Damage + 5

Base Damage: Club 6/M Kick 4/M Fist 3/L


The howling mob is a band of apparently crazy, mismatched individuals who attacked the party in a frenzied mass and have a tendency to burst into Green fire when knocked out or killed.

The Howling Mob

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