Ytrigain of the North

Fae patron of wytaul


10ft tall, ivory skinned muscled and scarred.


Ytrigain, a Daea fae of theWinter Court, is a veteran of the wars against the
Fomorians. He is almost 10 ft. tall, and his muscles are clearly more powerful than any mortal’s. Some whisper that titan blood runs in his veins and, in a way, the
Fomorians are his half-brothers, which would explain why he despises them with such vehemence. His tall, ivory-skinned frame is decorated with thread-thin scars
that make him look angular and fierce. He is quiet but firm and intense; as far as he is concerned, his valor is proven. He is suspicious of all outsiders and takes more
ownership of the mortals near Elysium, especially those residing in Wytaul, than most fae. Despite his rumored heritage, he distrusts titans and finds them brooding and
destructive. His friend, Peggon, convinced him that they would need Donar’s help because the Atlantean host includes dragons.

Ytrigain of the North

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