History of Wytaul

The founders of Wytaul where Atlantean pioneers who first scouted the rout of the Grand Canal, when they reached the Western Ocean they build ships and kept going, heading along the Western shore.

They soon reached the edge of the then-vast forests of Elysium, fabled home of the fae; in respect for those beautiful and strange beings, the explorers did not penetrate deep into
the woodlands, but continued journeying north in search of an opening the forest’s forbidding edge. After months of roaming, they found a spot whose untamed beauty and natural resources captured their hearts. They offered generous gifts to their fae neighbors,
and in return those usually shy creatures came forth to lead the travelers to an ideal spot upon which to build their community: a peaceful area on the south shore of a placid bay fed by a clear-flowing, easily navigable river. Forest bordered the location to the east, grassland to the north, and rich, arable land to the south. The fae creatures’ beauty and mystical qualities impressed the humans, and the fae found the explorers exciting and new.
The two cultures found common ground and together established the village of Wytaul: a small collection of huts and faerie mounds that played home to both fae and
humans. In time, the fae presence in Wytaul waned, but the two cultures remained on friendly terms. Now, nearly a century later, Wytaul is a frontier town on Elysium’s western border


The village has a The Mayorl who is appointed by approval of the village Elders, fae and human. He also is traditional high priest of the village. He acts as the villages judge and liaison with the local Daea Lord


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