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  • Angharad

    Angharad is both a powerful wizard and an Atlantean soldier of moderate rank. She is a tall, arrogant woman who wears regal robes (ostentatious by Atlantean standards) and bears a powerful enchanted spear as both a symbol of her rank and as a deadly …

  • Apple Westwood

    Background:Barmaid Sire:Chimera Wealth:1 |session|Heritage|Humanity|spent|current total| |Session1|1|1|0|1\1| |session2|0|1|1/0|0\2| |session3|0|1|0|0\3| |Session4|1|0|0|1\3| |Session5|2|1|0|3/4| Awakening tracker |Heritage|0.1| |Humanity|0 …

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