Known NPCs And Groups

Known NPCs:

1. Emberley:

  • Troll information broker. Gave us free information for selling info on us to a 3rd party he didnt like the look of.

2. Lycurgan:

  • Small fellow, deep voice. Is a fireborn (can manifest draconic eyes & draconic claws).
  • located accounts on (semi-serious) occult forums which match his profile. Forum: discussions on possibilities with the occult.
  • Real name: Mark Garren. Got Address.
  • Spell notes located in his room.
  • Found in apartment & chased down to underground. Partially transformed into awakened form & died due to massive brain hemorrhage (Mentioned he was in control, would always find him. “Ophis”)

3. Ophis:

  • Unknown entity, was suspected of possessing Mark Garren (Lycurgan).
  • Ophis: The opener of Ways (Upuwat). God of death and opener of ways in war.
  • Cult: The Harriers of Ophis, tried to make commune in Haverhill, but destroyed by government. Those who stayed where cult commune existed reported strange events (voices, believed trees to be sacred, etc).
Known Factions & their NPCs:

1. LN7:

  • Government agency created to police supernatural world of UK. Libra Nigrum (Black Book).
    • Philip Miskin: Head of LN7, ex special air service.
    • Abraham & Baily: Man and woman agent, likely LN7.

2. The Society for Paranormal Research:

  • Founded in the 19th century. Had a bit of a downturn. Extensive libraries in Cambridge and London.
  • Since strange times, has been given a number of large grants and its.
  • Officially: no questions asked policy for those who can meet the prerequisites of library membership for a week.
    • London Archive: Large archive located in London.
      • Rules: no photocopying, no mobile phones, no printing. Can use paper and pencil to make notes.

3. The Open Way: Home for soldiers who came from war opened in 1940s-50s. Later, became a government funded assylum (for violent inmates). 7 of the inmates are from local area. Private trust run.

  • Trust: Dr Mary Roberts, chief physician. 3 other physicians. Number of nurses & orderlies.

Known NPCs And Groups

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